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YouTube Traffic System

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Uncover The YouTube Instant Traffic System That Will TRIPLE Your Income Overnight While Putting You In Direct Contact with THOUSANDS Of Hungry Buyers!

Here you’ll discover:

How to generate instant traffic to your website, easily! Siphon high-quality, ultra-targeted traffic to your offers from one of the top Social Media giant

The easiest way to dominate your market with laser-targeted video-based campaigns! These video ads will suck in customers by the minute, driving your message out to a global audience of buyers!

A shockingly fast (and easy!) method of building instant momentum so your videos can go viral! Watch as your marketing message spreads like wildfire, instantly!

One of the easiest ways of setting ALL of your advertising on complete & total autopilot! Forget babysitting your ads – you will never have to again!

And much, much more!

Table of Contents

YouTube Traffic System

If you’re looking to instantly maximize your exposure, generate insane traffic to your website and stand out in your market, there’s one very quick and easy way to do it.

Advertise your business on one of the largest video communities online – YouTube!

  • YouTube generates millions of visitors a month – over 800 million!
  • 70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside of the United States
  • YouTube is localized in 43 countries and across 60 languages!
  • You will be able to reach thousands of “mobile-searchers” instantly!

It’s never been easier to turn viewers into customers and attract new business, all with one powerful viral-based marketing campaign. Plus, YouTube advertising is not only easy to set up but extremely affordable even for those on a limited budget.

Here in this “YouTube Traffic System”, will show you how to set up your very first ad quickly while generating instant traffic to your website, all on complete autopilot.

I’ll also show you how to maximize click-through rates and tear down the competition by putting your ad in front of their customers.

Let’s get started!


Advertising On YouTube

Before you set up your very first ad on YouTube, let’s take a quick look at why this marketing channel is such a powerful weapon in building a targeted customer base and generating massive traffic to your offers and websites that is not only active but incredibly targeted.

If you’ve ever implemented video into your marketing campaigns in the past, then chances are you already know of the power that video-based promotions offer. It helps you connect with your target audience in a powerful, direct way that can’t be touched by “conventional” marketing.

And videos can also go viral quickly, which means that you can easily reach out to thousands of new customers automatically, just through the power of word of mouth and network sharing.

Don’t forget that videos also help you convey your message in such a way that you can invoke emotional responses, touch down on “hot spots” and exploit buyer-driven “triggers” to get the response that you’re looking for.

In other words, video marketing is a far more advanced, powerful and direct method of building a recognized (and memorable) brand, connecting with your audience, and entertaining your market.

There’s simply no other source that can compare to the traffic potential of a well-crafted video marketing campaign.

Video Marketing:

  • Entertains your audience
  • Teaches your customer base
  • Connects with your prospects
  • Builds trust, awareness and recognition

And it’s time that you position your company in front of a global market with your very own powerful video marketing campaign.


Getting Started:

When it comes to advertising on YouTube, there are only a few steps involved:


Step 1: Create your video

This is the most time-consuming part of it all because you want to make sure that your video is well designed, entertaining, and that sound and clarity is the best that it can be.

Depending on your target audience, “amateur” based videos may perform better than polished videos that appear too professional.

It’s important to know your target audience and what they are likely to respond to. Then, grab a camera and either shoot the video yourself, or hire it out. And of course, you can also consider creating an entirely digital-based animation style video if you feel that it will connect with your audience.


If you’re looking for affordable video developers, set up a project request at

For cheaper/faster and simple video projects, check out

If you aren’t sure what kind of video would best connect with your target audience, or you need help researching your market, you will want to download an in-depth video marketing course at


Step 2: Upload your video to YouTube

Post your video on YouTube. (It’s free!) Then use Google AdWords for the video to promote it to the right viewers. You’ll only pay when viewers choose to watch your video.


Step 3: Advertise your video!

In order to advertise your video within the YouTube community, you will need to connect your video account to Google Adwords. Adwords is a performance-based advertising channel, allowing you to set a budget, target your advertisements and set your ads on autopilot.

These advertisements are called “TrueView” ads, and they make it easier than ever to target your ideal viewers (and customers!) because you only pay whenever a viewer chooses to watch your video!


Targeting Active Buyers

In order for your videos to convert, you need to target buyer’s not just viewers. To do that, you will want to take advantage of Google Adwords’s demographic targeting options in order to reach out to your audience.

This includes Advertising based on keywords, age groups, gender, location, or language.

Ad-targeting is extremely important because, without it, you are basically advertising “blindly” with no way of knowing whether the right audience is even seeing your ads. Failing to target your advertisements will also cost you – big time, as your ads will be seen (and even clicked on) by people who have no real interest in what you have to offer.

So, take the time to tailor your ads to your audience, nailing down specific demographics so you can easily reach out to your customer base.

YouTube advertising through Google Video Ads is very easy to set up because you are able to choose from a set of comprehensive options that will help you better target your customer base.

This includes:

  • Keyword-based advertising
  • Interest categories
  • Topics & Placements
  • Demographics (all kinds – age, location, language)
  • Social interests

In addition, with TrueView ads, you only pay when a viewer chooses to watch your ad, similar to pay-per-click advertising, so you are only paying when a prospect has seen your ad!


Maximizing Exposure

With Google video ads, you are able to promote your business within YouTube, the #1 online video community, as well as the Google Display Network, which includes millions of individual websites (reaching over 89% of the online population!).

Imagine your ad appearing on millions of websites all across the Internet! Not only will you be able to infiltrate any niche market you wish, but also you’ll be able to create a unique brand that is instantly recognized by potential customers.

Spread your marketing message instantly, expose your business to new customers and promote your video marketing campaigns on a large scale.

With Google’s, “TrueView” advertising portal you are also able to maximize exposure through connected channels, including:

a) TrueView in-stream

b) TrueView in-search

c) TrueView in-display

d) TrueView in-slate


Let’s take a quick look at what each of these channels has to offer:


a) TrueView in-stream


  • Ads play as a pre-, mid- or post-roll on YouTube partner videos of all lengths
  • After an ad plays for 5 seconds, viewers get the choice to skip it or watch the rest
  • Pay only when viewers watch 30 seconds of the ad or to completion if the ad is less than 30 seconds



b) TrueView in-search ads

  • Based on user search terms, ads rise to the top of Promoted Video search results and suggestions
  • Viewers see certain ads promoted (placed above others or suggested) and click to watch if interested
  • Pay only when viewers choose to watch your

For an example, visit and enter in the search term “smart phones” or another popular search term to see a series of TrueView in-search ads.



All of the videos shown in the right-hand column are TrueView ads as well as the group of ads that appear at the very top of the search results window!


c) TrueView in-slate ads

  • Ads play before long-form YouTube partner videos over 10 minutes
  • Before a video plays, viewers choose to either watch an ad from 1 of 3 different advertisers or to watch regular commercial breaks during the video
  • Pay only when viewers choose to watch your ad

d) TrueView in-display ads

  • Ads are promoted against related content across the Google Display Network
  • Viewers click to play the ad if they are interested
  • Pay only when viewers choose to watch your ad. Display ad formats will vary by publisher. On YouTube, the ad appears as a highlighted suggested video.

Final Words

In order for your video campaigns to be successful, you need to encourage your audience to take action. You do this with a “Call-to-Action” overlay on your video.

This can be a simple “Click Here Now!” or you can use this call to action overlay as a way of sharing additional information about your business, or to make your viewers an offer that they can’t refuse (Free products, discounts, coupons, etc).

Calls-to-Action appears as overlays on your TrueView “in-search” and “in- display” videos that are featured throughout YouTube and can be easily edited from within your advertising center.

Maximizing profits also means knowing your audience, and so it’s important that you keep a pulse on how well your video is performing as well as WHO is viewing your ads (especially helpful if you are still in the process of surveying and researching your market base).

You can easily gain valuable insights about your video campaigns from within your Google advertising account, including how long they’re watching your videos, what actions they take (when exiting) and other valuable demographic based information that will help you better understand your target audience so you can create high-performance video campaigns!

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