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Turn Your WordPress Blog Into A Marketing Monster

Here are over 11.4 million WordPress blogs as of this moment…and that number is growing daily.

If you’re reading this… you’re most likely one of them.

And more likely than not…you’re pulling your hair out of your head trying to optimize your blog to get the best search engine rankings and the most visitors possible.

And you probably know that the way to that optimization is through the use of plugins.

But which plugins?

There are currently over 11,000 in the WordPress catalog…not to mention third-party sites.

Finding the right plugin for your needs can be an absolute nightmare.

WordPress Plugin Directory is the Rescue…

I have ransacked the WordPress archives and have picked out 100 of the most must-have WordPress Plugins…hands down.

Save Countless Hours Of Search Time

Avoid The Frustration Of Trial And Error

Take Out The Mystery Of If It Will Work

Stop Wondering If The Plugin Is Outdated

WordPress Plugin Directory cuts right to the heart of the plugins that you will need to fully optimize your blog and turn it into a marketing powerhouse platform.

How Would You Like To Discover…?

The Best Plugin To Load Your Pages Lightning Quick

The Best Plugin For SEO

The Best Plugin For Handling Duplicate Content

The Best Plugin For Building A Social Network

The Best Plugin For Handling 404 Errors

The Best Plugin For Hosting A Podcast

The Best Plugin For Handling Duplicate Content

The Best Plugin For Keeping Your Images And Content From Being Stolen

And so much more…


So let get started!!!


Table of Contents

1. Wp Super Cache

This plugin is a must-have for two very important reasons:

First, it makes your WP pages load lightning quick. If you’ve got a lot of graphics or big sites, this is critical to keeping your visitors from leaving too soon.

Second, it stores static versions of your site and uses a lot less CPU processing than if you just used WordPress by itself.


2. Akismet

I don’t have to tell you what a pain in the backside spam comments are. Akismet stops them dead in their tracks. This is probably the one plugin that nobody should be without, especially if you plan on having a very popular blog and allowing comments by your visitors.


3. WpTouch Iphone Theme

With the Iphone being such a big thing today, this is a must-have plugin. What it does essentially is this. If a person visits your site through an Iphone or some other mobile device, it displays a lighter version of the site specifically designed for mobile users.


4. WP DB Manager

Database management is something that not very many people give a second thought to but it’s critical to do, especially with all the hackers that are out there. This plugin has a lot of cool features in addition to backing up your database, including automatically emailing you a copy of your database each day.


5. SEO Smart Links

This is such a cool plugin. If you’re not linking from one article on your WordPress blog to another, you should be. Well, this plugin interlinks keywords in your articles for you.


6. WordPress Related Posts

This is a great little plugin for keeping people on your site. If they’re reading one of your articles, the best thing you can do is to put more articles in front of them to keep them going through your site. This plugin does just that.


7. WP Postratings

This may not seem like much but this is a great way to get people to read your articles. With this plugin, people can rate your articles and then, if they’re rated high, other people will see the ratings and this can influence them to read your article. Subtle but brilliant.


8. All In One SEO Pack

This is a must-have. If you want your blog to be as SEO’d as humanly possible so that it climbs up the ranks, get this plugin. It may just be one of the most popular and widely used at WordPress.


9. Most Commented Widget

A simple but effective plugin. This one will show the most commented posts in a widget on your blog sidebar. This will gravitate visitors to that post in order to add their comments.


10. Duplicate Content Cure

Quite simply, this handy little plugin tells the search engines not to index pages that have duplicate content.

This is a third party plugin so I have no stats for compatibility. You’ll have to check with the plugin’s creator.


11. Google XML Sitemaps

In short, if you want your blog to be recognized by Google as quickly as possible, you MUST get this plugin. It generates a Google XML sitemap of your blog.


12. No Self Pings

This very useful plugin will WordPress from pinging its own site. This is useful when you want to link directly related articles in a multi-part series.


13. Subscribe Me

This is a must-have plugin if you want your visitors to share your content.

Essentially, what it does is it adds buttons to your blog that allows visitors to share your content on many social sites like Bloglines or Google Reader. This is a MUST have.


14. Bookmark Me

This is a simple plugin that adds social bookmarks buttons to posts and pages.


15. NextGEN Gallery

Want to build a gallery of photos? This plugin does it with super cool ease. Just install and you’re done.


16. All In One Adsense And YPN

Want Adsense on your blog? Just get it. You won’t regret it. You can customize how you want your ads to look 20 ways to Sunday. A must have for Adsense marketers.


17. OZH Admin Drop Down Menu

Want to make your administration a breeze? This plugin makes all admin links available in a neat CSS driven drop down menu. No more having to click on “Manage” and “Pages” to edit pages. Just get it!


18. WordPress Stats

Not a glamorous plugin, which explains the low rating, but too many people ignore this gem. It gives you concise stats with no additional load on your server. Just get it!


19. BuddyPress

Simple…build a social network. This is one of WordPress’ most highly rated plugins.


20. Wickett Twitter Widget

This is a really cool plugin. If you’re into Twitter (and who isn’t?) this plugin displays tweets from your Twitter account in the sidebar of your blog.


21. Google Analytics For WordPress

The name says it all. If you use Google Analytics, get this plugin…period.


22. Fast Secure Contact Form

Want your visitors to contact you and block all automated spammers? Get this plugin…PERIOD. One of their best.


23. WordPress Importer

What this plugin does is it imports posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags from a WordPress export file. Very useful.


24. Smart YouTube

What this plugin does is it allows you to insert full-featured YouTube videos into your post. Way cool!


25. Secure WordPress

Anybody who doesn’t have this is just plain nuts.

Here is a list of the things it takes care of.

 removes error-information on login-page
 adds index.php plugin-directory (virtual)
 removes the wp-version, except in admin-area
 removes Really Simple Discovery
 removes Windows Live Writer
 remove core update information for non-admins
 remove plugin-update information for non-admins
remove theme-update information for non-admins (only WP 2.8 and higher)
 hide wp-version in backend-dashboard for non-admins
Add a string for use WP Scanner
 Block bad queries

Just get it!


26. WPML Multilingual CMS

Want to build WordPress sites for multiple languages? This plugin is pure genius.


27. Lightbox 2

Want lightboxes for your WordPress pages? This is the plugin to get. Really cool.


28. Favicons

Too many people ignore how much this plugin can help your site be more attractive to visitors. Favicons are very important for eye-catching sites.


29. Redirection

This is a VERY handy plugin. What it does is it handles 301 redirections and keeps track of 404 errors without the need for Apache .htaccess files.


30. Simple Tags

It’s not glamorous, but this must-have plugin manages all your tags.

Here’s a list of what it brings to the table.


 Tags suggestion from Yahoo! Term Extraction API, OpenCalais, Alchemy, Zemanta, Tag The Net, Local DB with AJAX request
 Compatible with TinyMCE, FCKeditor, WYMeditor and QuickTags
 tags management (rename, delete, merge, search and add tags, edit tags ID)
 Edit mass tags (more than 50 posts once)
 Auto link tags in post content
Auto tags!
 Type-ahead input tags / Autocompletion Ajax
 Click tags
Related tags!
 Importer for embedded tags
 Possibility to tag pages (not only posts) and include them inside the tags results
 Embedded tags ([tags]tag1, tag2[/tags]) for compatibility with old plugins
Easy configuration! (in WP admin)


 Meta keywords generate from tags in your header’s blog
Technorati, Flickr and Delicious tags
 Dynamic Tag Clouds with colors with Widgets (random order, etc)
 Related content since common tags
 Possibility to add related posts inside RSS
 Extended the_tags function (outside the loop, technorati, etc)


31. PodPress

Want to host a podcast? Get this plugin. In spite of the relatively low rating (what are people thinking?) this is a great little plugin if you can use it.


32. Maintenance Mode

The last thing you want, if your site is down for maintenance, is for visitors to find nothing there. This simple, but effective plugin, adds a splash page to your blog to let them know that it’s down for maintenance.


33. Audio Player

Want to play MP3’s on your blog? Get this plugin.


34. Breadcrumb NavXT

This is a really cool plugin. It shows the visitor to your blog the path that he took to get to where he is now.


35. My Page Order

Does just that…allows you to set the page order in your blog through a drag and drop interface.


36. WP-Polls

Another plugin that does just what it says…allows you to add Ajax style polls to your blog.


37. Keyword Statistics

For you article writers who are fanatical about keyword density, this plugin checks the keyword density of your posts. A must have for article writers.


38. Theme Test Drive

Want to test a new theme but don’t want visitors to see it if it screws up? This plugin will let you safely test drive a new theme while visitors use the default one. Very handy.


39. Blog Protector

Protects your content and images from being stolen.

Enough said.


40. Featured Content Gallery

Creates a customizable rotating image gallery anywhere on your blog.


41. WP-Table Reloaded

One of their highest rated plugins. Quite simply, it lets you manage tables on the backend without any knowledge of HTML…way cool.


42. WordPress Video Plugin

What is cool about this plugin is that it works for MANY video sites…not just YouTube. Otherwise, just get the YouTube plugin if that’s all you need.


43. Blogger Importer

Not a highly rated plugin, probably because most people hate blogger, but if you have a blogger blog and want to import posts from it, you MUST have this plugin.


44. S2Member

One of the most powerful plugins out there if you want to use your WordPress blog as a membership site.


45. Grand Flash Album Gallery

Want to do a Flash slideshow with ease? Get this plugin.


46. Regenerate Thumbnails

This plugin allows you to automatically regenerate all thumbnails after changing the thumbnail sizes. A real time saver.


47. Statcounter

Simple plugin that is quite useful. Generates real time visitor stats.


48. Skype Online Status

If you use Skype and want people to be able to get in touch with you through Skype, this plugin allows you to add customizable Skype buttons to your blog.


49. All In One Webmaster

If you care about submitting site maps to more than just Google, this plugin handles Ask, Bing, Alexa, Yahoo, Facebook & BlogCatalog.


50. Robots Meta

This simple plugin allows you to easily manage your robots tags and handle things like making your blog no follow. Very useful.


51. Link Cloaking Plugin

This is a MUST HAVE for affiliate marketers. It cloaks all your links easily and effortlessly.


52. Mingle Forum

Want to add a forum to your WordPress blog? This plugin will do it easily.


53. WP-UserOnline

Want to show how popular your blog is? This plugin will show how many users are online in real time.


54. No More Frames

This is a great little plugin to battle those sites that try to load your site into frames. Stops them cold.


55. Banner Rotator FX

The most advanced banner rotator on the web…end of story.


56. Search And Replace

Doesn’t seem like such a big deal until you realize that you have to search and replace a ton of content on your blog because a site name or URL changed. This plugin makes it a snap.


57. Post Page Associator

This award-winning plugin allows you to attach posts to a page. Very handy little plugin.


58. Dynamic Headers

This is such a cool plugin. It allows you to create dynamic header space on your blog.


59. Get The Image

This is another really cool plugin. What it does is it creates an image representation of your blog…plus a lot more. You just have to get this one.


60. WordPress Stats Smiley Remover

This may not seem like a big deal, but it removes that stupid smiley face that WordPress Stats places in the footer of your web page. Makes it look more professional.


61. Category Order

This simple plugin allows you to manage the category order of your blog with a simple drag and drop interface.


62. Scribe SEO

You really can’t appreciate this plugin unless you’re a copywriter or content writer. This plugin instructs you how to tweak your content to get better SE placement. You simply don’t want to be without this one.


63. Login Lockdown

A simple plugin that locks a person out after a number of login attempts. Quite simply, you need this.


64. WP-Insert

Quite simply, the most powerful ad management plugin that you can get.


65. WP-Minify

This simple plugin compresses JS and CSS files to improve page load time.


66. WP Page Numbers

This might seem so insignificant but it’s yet another plugin that will make your site look just a little more professional.

This plugin replaces the “next” and “previous” page text with actual page numbers. Very cool.


67. What Would Seth Godin Do

This plugin displays one welcome message to new visitors and a different message to returning visitors. Very useful little plugin for that personal blog touch.


68. WP Optimize

This plugin allows you to clean up your WordPress database and optimize it without needing phpMyAdmin


69. More Fields

This is a very cool and useful plugin that allows you to add any number of extra fields to the Write/Edit page in Admin.


70. Custom Sidebars

This plugin allows you to created your own widgetized areas and custom sidebars.


71. Article Directory

Want to turn your WordPress blog into an article directory? Get this plugin.


72. YouTube

I wish they named this better. This is SUCH a cool plugin. What it does is it shows your most relevant YouTube videos related to the search criteria typed into the search box on your blog.


73. Lifestream

This is just a monster of a plugin, streaming your activity from 50 different sources to your blog.


74. WordPress Admin Bar

Does what it says. Creates an Admin bar at the top of your blog just like the one at the WordPress site itself. Very cool.


75. Countdown Timer

If you want a timer that will countdown certain events, like sales, this will do it.


76. Plugin Central

Well, if you have a lot of plugins, you better get this one. What it does is it updates all plugins at once and can move plugins from one blog to another. Very, very useful.


77. Open In New Window Plugin

Wow, can you say cool? This plugin opens any links clicked in a new window keeping your blog open to the visitor.

78. Comment Rating

Does what it says. Allows visitors to rate other posters’ comments.


79. AnyFont

This plugin can use any custom or true type font to replace any font on your blog. Now THIS is cool.


80. Search Meter

This plugin tracks what readers are searching for in your blog.


81. Google DOC Embedder

Okay, this is REALLY cool. This plugin allows you to embed Word DOC files, PDF files, Powerpoint Presentations and TIFF files on your blog.


82. Job Manager

If you’re into this niche, this plugin manages job listings and job applications on your blog.


83. Zopim Live Chat

Want to add live chat to your blog? This plug does it.


84. WP Google Weather

How many times have you wanted to know what the weather was but didn’t want to go to a weather site? Well, this plugin displays Google weather right on your blog.


85. PayPal Donations

Not enough people take advantage of PayPal donations. This plugin is great for managing those.


86. PDF24 Article To PDF

Another really cool plugin that allows visitors to take any of your articles and convert them to PDFs on the fly.


87. Quotes Collection

This cool little plugin allows you to show random quotes on your blog using Ajax’s random quote sidebar.


88. Relevanssi

This is borderline Google cool. It basically replaces the default search functionality of your blog with a partial match search.


89. GigPress

This plugin is designed for musicians and performers. If that’s you, then you MUST get this plugin. Manages multiple artists with ease.


90. Author Image

If you have guest authors on your blog, this plugin allows you to easily add author images.


91. News Ticker FX

Want a news ticker? This is one of the most advanced ones on the web.


92. ComicPress Manager

Are you using the ComicPress theme for your blog? Then this plugin is a MUST HAVE.


93. WP-Testimonials

Want to show testimonials on your blog and not have them look like crap? Then you need this plugin.


94. WP Hide Dashboard

This is a very cool and useful plugin to improve the appearance of your blog.

What it does is it hides the dashboard menu, tools menu, personal options section and help link on the profile page from your blog subscribers when they are logged in.


95. Click To Call Me

How cool is this? This plugin allows your visitors to call you from anywhere in the world.


96. Mass Page Removal

Does what it says…removes multiple pages at once.


97. Watermark RELOADED

A simple plugin that adds watermarks to your uploaded images.


98. AmazonPress

Quite simply, if you are an Amazon affiliate you MUST get this plugin.


99. WP-Property

If you’re into real estate, this is one plugin you’re probably going to want to have. It creates a directory of real estate and rental properties.


100. Suckerfish Dropdown Menu

For those of you who actually care about your visitors who have outdated browsers, this plugin provides support for those people so they don’t feel left out because they can’t view your blog.


Hope you have found this article useful… please don’t forget to share your thoughts/suggestions in the below comment box.

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