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Why Use WordPress

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WordPress is not, at this point simply a contributing to a blog stage; it has arisen to be perhaps the most mainstream content administration frameworks that permit developers to assemble instinctive WordPress-powered websites. WordPress is profoundly adaptable and simple to-utilize.

About 74.6 million websites are powered by WordPress. Around 50% (37 million approx.) of these websites are facilitated on WordPress.

Why use WordPress or why the majority of developers are picking WordPress over other platforms?

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Here is a portion of the reasons why:

Simple to Use and Easy to Install

WordPress can be easily set up, which implies you can save a great deal of advancement time and cash. It has an instinctive interface that empowers nearly everybody to use it.

This implies you can add pages, pictures, recordings, pages, and so forth rapidly and easily.

High Customizable

Websites created utilizing WordPress can be customized to meet individual prerequisites. With the assistance of many modules, you can make a website that gets a ton of consideration and improves brand perceivability.

Developers can likewise assemble custom modules that cause them to tweak the website to any degree. This is one of the principal reasons why developers pick custom WordPress advancement.

Modules assist developers with adding very good quality functionalities to a specific website, so the guests have an incredible encounter while perusing.


Do you need your website to look precisely like that of your competitor’s? Clearly no! WordPress offers plenty of themes that can be easily coordinated with the websites to give them a trendy and unique look.

Also, you can even alter the themes to coordinate your prerequisites. You will get paid just as free themes, so you can pick the one that best suits your requirements.

Making a unique look for your website is vital to remain in front of the opposition and with WordPress making another and unique look resembles a breeze.

Open Source

WordPress is an open-source stage and this is probably the greatest benefit. Codes are promptly accessible and offer a wide scope of capacities that assist developers with composing the codes rapidly and productively. This implies anybody with a piece of insignificant information on PHP can easily change the WordPress Themes, modules, and so on to make a unique encounter for the guests.

Search Engine Friendly

WordPress-powered websites exceptionally search engine friendly and this is the motivation behind why you can locate various WordPress websites being recorded on the SERPs when you search for a specific search term. The codes are spotless and basic, so the search engines can easily peruse and record them.

WordPress permits developers to add Meta labels, portrayals, titles, and so on to each page, picture, and post making them more search-friendly. You can likewise utilize labels to improve search-invitingness.

The best thing about WordPress websites is that they are profoundly adaptable. This implies you can add more pages and functionalities to your website as your business and requirements develop, without trading off the presentation.

So on the off chance that you are looking forward to planning another website or overhaul the current one, pick WordPress above all the other things.

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