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How to Use Search Engine Optimizers

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of making a website visible and friendly among search engines.

It is most likely the most vital aspect of designing your website. Several commercial websites are designed and created by individuals who know little about SEO.

The long page generally has the information and several other links that people need to know about to optimize a website for search engines. You have to know more about the “search engines only index text”.

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On Indexing

When designing and optimizing the website, you have to keep in mind that they generally do not index images, Flash is not indexed excellently too.

Even though there are several exceptions to the approach, search engines only index text, even though search engines have been improved and are more intelligent.

They are also now more capable of indexing files like graphic file captions and PDFs, as well as some of the text in a given Flash file.

You can do several things when designing or redesigning a website to get more treatment in the search engines.

You can choose to optimize the home page for the most relevant and important keyword or keyphrase, as well as other pages that can be optimized for the given product.

If you choose to sell various products on various pages, every page can be optimized for the given product. You can organize items this way.

You should use SEO on at least several pages to get the results you want. Do not optimize pages wherein you do not have public content. Avoid pages that have “private policy” and “contact us” as well.

Choose the Right Domain Name

The domain name may not be entirely substantial in changing your search results ranking, but it does help you become more visible to other web sites and target users.

Try to use the same words or terms that best define your topic. Try to view other existing sites and find out which domain names they use.

The Web Hosting Company

You should also invest in a good web hosting company. Free web site hosting can provide you with some visibility, but you should not expect to be at the top of the list.

You should have your own static IP address, which means that the numeric IP address should be very stable.

It should not differ each time someone types your URL, which is also referred to as a dynamic IP address.

Huge hosting companies usually use dynamically assigned IP addresses that function the same way. Search engines prefer static IP addresses for several technical reasons.

Final Tips

Aside from using the main keywords that your target market will most likely use, you should also incorporate secondary keywords to optimize your website more.

Keyword stemming is another useful approach, wherein you use words that have the same stem or come from the same root.

The use of synonyms can be good for your website too. You should try to optimize for synonyms of the target keywords, together with the main keywords.

Links are highly important if you want to rank high. Try to use as many backlinks as you can.

Look for links from other related and similar sites. Look for the origin of inbound links as well.

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