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Bluehost Vs Hostinger – Which is Better and Cheap?

Looking for the best web hosting platform that makes your work easier and suits your needs.

Web Hosting is an online platform that publishes your website on the internet as well as it is a huge industry.

Considering buying a web hosting plan is easy to choose but it makes it a difficult task to choose which firm best suits your website. There are many web hosting services are available over the internet from where you can choose according to your needs.

But we dive into details of Bluehost vs Hostinger – Which is Better, we need to keep in mind some points.

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Points to consider:

Here are some points that you should keep in mind while choosing the best hosting provider.

  1. Look for security, WordPress Optimization, easy to use cPanel, Server location.
  2. Technical Support from hosting provider
  3. Speed and server location
  4. Money-back guarantee

Struggling to choose the best web hosting especially between Bluehost and Hostinger then through this article, you will get all the answers. In this, we will compare Bluehost and Hostinger as they are on the list of the biggest web hosting providers. They both are considered not only the best web hosting provider but also the cheap and reliable hosting service providers.

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Whether we talk about Bluehost or Hostinger, both are the entry-level host that offers a range of plans, features, and many more things at very reasonable prices. This can be a great option for those who have small blogs and business sites. Both have the same goals but they have their own ways to achieve them.

Before moving ahead let us first understand about Bluehost and Hostinger.

Who are Bluehost and Hostinger?



Bluehost is one of the biggest and top leading companies of all time. It does not require any introduction as it is a WordPress recommended platform. The company offers a wide range of server solutions for more than 23 years. It has features such as WordPress compatible dashboard, professional support team, hosting services, and many more.

Under the Bluehost plan, you will get a free domain name for a year. It will provide Bluerock which has improved speed and security and also an improved control panel. Free SSD drives come with every plan of Bluehost.

FREE Domain + FREE SSL Certificate + SEO Tools + FREE Premium Cloudflare CDN



If you are a beginner, then Hostinger is a trustworthy hosting platform with enough features and cheap – with powerful plans.

The platform shows good performance whereas delivers services and tools to make it shared hosting solutions.

Hostinger offers easy-to-use, fast, and reliable web hosting services to execute any work.

Their main goal is to make life easier for developers as well as customers.

If you are looking for VPS, shared hosting space then Hostinger will provide you with a wide range of services as well as you will get all the resources you need to run your business.

Hostinger all plans, except the Single Shared plan, come with the free domain name.

You’ll get free access to website transfer, SSD drives, WordPress and CMS hosting, email hosting, Minecraft hosting, cloud hosting.

1 Website + 30 GB SSD Storage + Free SSL

These are some of the basic details of Bluehost and Hostinger. Further in this article, you will understand the actual difference between Bluehost and Hostinger. So let’s begin.

Comparison of Bluehost and Hostinger

1. Features


It has a wide range of features that help your website to run very effectively. Those features are:

  • WordPress Recommended Hosting: This will be best for the WP users to use a user-friendly dashboard. Even Bluehost works better with WordPress integration. In Bluehost, you get an option whether to use traditional cPanel and switch to the WordPress control panel.
  • Add-Ons: Bluehost provides multiple apps, widgets, and add-ons. This makes your website looks user-friendly. You don’t need to worry about other services with Bluehost you will get their own marketplace that provides different third-party services and software to implement. Easy to add new scripts, integrate app as well as download plugin.
  • SEO: Bluehost is not just a hosting platform, it will also come with enhanced tools that make your project more scalable. Some plan comes with eCommerce features wherein the company has many SEO experts who will guide you with customized SEO strategy to boost your site’s rank as well as ready to use SEO tactics.
  • Hosting Solutions: You want to launch a WordPress-based blog or a digital shop then Bluehost has many versatile and variety of solutions to choose from.


Hostinger is well known for its cheapest hosting plans available in the market. But a basic plan will lack some efficiency to get more features you need to pay more. Below are its features:

  • Starting Level: Hostinger is good for newbies as it does not require any technical knowledge to use. The Control panel is more users friendly, even if you haven’t worked with any hosting services earlier. You will never face any problem while using Hostinger.
  • Cost Friendly: As Hostinger is being cheapest shared hosting platform they will also provide some free features, not for the entry-level. They will provide free SSL, weekly and monthly backups, security, and many more according to the plan.
  • Website Builder: By just Drag and Drop feature will help beginners to build their website from scratch. This simple will help users to build a strong and solid website with all required elements and sections. Just need to edit the layout by simply adding text, files, or widgets and create a customized page easily.

Bluehost vs Hostinger: By going through their features it looks like Bluehost is a more versatile and flexible platform wherein Hostinger gives more customized features with the marketplace. Further in this article, we are going to compare other things also so have patience and stay connected.

2. Performance


While talking about performance Bluehost is a leader with a perfect uptime rate which has touched the mark of 99.99%. This will show that website owners will not face any problem no matter how many traffic spikes a website getting. On the other hand, the performance of page load speed looks almost the same as Hostinger.


It has many data centers located in different parts of the world to ensure good physical connectivity to the visitors of the website. Whereas the uptime is recorded as 99.98% which is considered a good one but not perfect. But we have a good platform with nice performance even at a low price.

Bluehost vs Hostinger: By knowing about the performance of both Bluehost and Hostinger, we get to know that both have their data centers located in different parts of the world and also have almost the same page load speed. Bluehost has one step further because of its uptime rate and boasting the perfect result when compared with Hostinger.

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3. Security


It has a more secure and protected security system. Bluehost comes with many security plans and anti-spam plan that contains Spam Expert, Spam Hammer, and many others. They have basic security features but still successful in protecting your websites from hackers and spammers. They will also provide some advanced digital security that as IP Blacklist, Integration with CloudFare, and many more.


It will only provide a basic security line. If want to increase more security of your website then you should pay more for it. Therefore the baseline features include integration with Spam Assassin and CloudFare.  SSL Certificate, daily updates, or weekly ones comes with paid tools.

Bluehost Vs Hostinger: Considering the security of your website, Bluehost will pay more attention to it when compared with Hostinger. Even Bluehost pays more attention to DDoS security whereas Hostinger provides all this security under their Business and Premium plan.

4. Plan Type


It provides a very clear plan type that includes the features you get. So choose a plan wisely which best suited for your website. Bluehost will provide three different types of plans which are:


Shared: This plan is best suited for beginners as it has everything that a beginner required. In this plan, you will get an easy-to-assess dashboard with a fully managed solution.

This all comes in INR 199 per month only for a limited period of time whereas the actual price is INR 499 per month. 


VPS: By having this plan you have power, control, and flexibility which means you can run the server as you want. Through this, you will get high traffic, scalable with on-demand resources, and also get full access to additional control.

These things you will get in only INR 1,159 per month but this offer is only for a limited time whereas the actual price of the VPS plan is INR 1,859 per month.


Dedicated: In this plan, you will get improved security plans as well as complete customization of your site. This dedicated plan is great for high-traffic websites and with ultimate security as well as performance.

A dedicated plan you will get in just INR 6,499 per month but only for a limited time whereas the actual price of a Dedicated plan is INR 8,499 per month.   


It is known as the most affordable shared hosting platform. For the beginner, it might be eye-catching pricing but through further use, they need to give more money to access different things. Hostinger has a different plan to start with. They are:


Single WordPress: This plan is best suited for beginners. In this plan, you will get 1 website, 10 GB SSD storage, on an average of 10,000 monthly visitors, one email account, free SSL, free domain, and many more things.

This entire thing you will get in just INR 99 per month (50% OFF) only instead of INR 199 per month.


WordPress Starter: This plan is the perfect package for people having a personal blog or website. Under this plan, you will get access to 100 websites, 20 GB SSD storage, approximately 25000 monthly visits, free Jetpack, unlimited bandwidth, and many more things that will be suited for your website.

WordPress Starter comes at the cost of INR 119 per month (70% OFF) only instead of INR 399 per month.


Business WordPress: You will get optimized WordPress for small and medium businesses. Under Business WordPress you will get assess to 100 Websites, 100 GB SSD storage, on an average of 1,00,000 monthly visits, free SSL, well-managed WordPress, multiple data centers, daily backups, and many more things that enhance your website and business.

All these features come at INR 279 per month (43% OFF) only instead of INR 489 per month.


WordPress Premium: This plan itself says an advanced solution for revenue-generating business and offers you various types of features such as 100 GB SSD storage, an average of 3,00,000 monthly visitors, 300 websites, personal jetpacks, daily access to backups, and many more. In this, you will also get free access to emails, SSL, Domain, CDN.

All these things come to your computer at just INR 899 per month (55% OFF) only instead of INR 1,999 per month.

Conclusion – Bluehost Vs Hostinger:

Bluehost VS Hostinger: Hostinger seems cheaper when compared to Bluehost but you need extra features that required extra cost at Hostinger whereas Bluehost comes with everything you need in a single plan without spending extra money.

While selecting the best hosting platform for your business whether it’s for a beginner or experienced one. Choose wisely according to your website requirements and also ensure smooth performance when traffic is high.

Wishing you a great experience with web hosting.

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